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.FBD Extensions Another program besides portfolio?

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ok, well after waiting for 4 hours for a confimation email in registering with Portfolio 8's website I found an older version, 7.0 I was able to download and install. Now.. My problem is when I go to print out the thumbnails so I can have a catalog the images that I got are so garbage you cant even make out what 90% of the graphics are. Do you know of any other way I can make a book from these images without having to open each image up and making my own catalog?

The files are .FBD extensions, is there a way to just convert these files to PDF ?

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file, print, select thumbnails, enter # of rows/columns, print...use "fastest" or you will use up all your ink

I did that exact thing but images that have some fine lines dont even appear on the thumbnail. :(

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r u printing in color or b&w? try a sample page using color if u haven't. corrupt files are a possibility too.

Heres what it looks like:

Heres my thumbnail screen.


Here is the image in preiview




Here it is again but in Illustrator


This is a scan of the printed sheet, Here is the image (FCSW-1302.eps):


I printed the same sheet with my B&W Laser Printer and my Color Ink Jet.

Sorry about the size, don't know how to adjust the images, plus its prolly best to see full size.

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some catalogs just do that :beer

:beer I have some that do that

So how do you sell those images if people cant even make out what they are? I'm sure that if the customer sees the image they wanted they would be more prone to buying it cause you know they wont remember what it is that they want or ask if you have it until they've already left your shop, lol.

Can't tell you how many times I've gone into a music store browsing around only to forget the song or artist I wanted to buy until I've already left the store. lol

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I just don't do the catalog printout thang...if they really have no idea what they want, I will let them sit down at the computer and look through certain collectons. chances are, if they have no idea what they want when they come in, they won't buy anything anyway :beer

I understand ya on that. But so far most my graphic business has been from my father so excited about my business he takes my catalog book into work (post office) and he comes home with what his co-workers want, I cut it out and get paid the following day =)

It would just be nice to be able to print out these images more clearer than what they are comming out as. :beer

Was hoping there was a way to adjust the resolution/size of the thumbnails so they were more clear. Even if it did take 5 mins to print each page, I wouldn't mind. I'd set it to print and come back to it in the morning.

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