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Mazda3 Advice

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I just got a Silver Mazda3 5 door with the black/red interior and I'm wanting to get it tinted (duh). With the black interior in Bama I feel I need some sort of protection. I have gone to one shop that uses Diamond films. I was wondering if anyone knows any good or bad about this film. I also can't decide if I want a metallized film or not. The guy at the shop said that it would be ok on my color of car, but not many others. If anyone could let me in on some pros and cons of this type of film it would be greatly appreciated. Any other suggestions on films would be great. Thanks!

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Don't get too hung up on Brands of film phone fo 3 different prices and find out the following:

The warranty your going to be given

Make sure the shop has been around a while

The installer has experience

Stop in to see a finished product on someone elses car B4 booking.

You should do fine :krazy

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