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  1. Not necessarily. Tinting methods , geographical location and parking habits play a factor in that generalization .
  2. Hi Forum . I have come to find out that this company was admittedly a little quick out of the gate initially but sounds like they have things figured out now with a revamped product which had taken care of the halo and delamination issue. I’ve been wanting to dabble in something new for awhile that is a good compliment to the auto tint biz I’ve had for 35 yrs and decided to take the plunge. I just received my starter promo kit and 1 day training will commence on Saturday . ( only 1 day because of my previous experience with tinting and specifically traditional UV windshield tinting I already have ) It’s more to get use to the feel and of course always learn new tidbits. So far all I can report is that communication has been top notch with the company which is a big deal to me , I will keep you folks updated as my journey begins with this product .
  3. Totally understand ! I’ve always liked the main forum anyways , just got lazy with the Tapa
  4. Haha, was hoping that’s all it was , glad all is well! (Although I’m still having issues with Tapatalk)
  5. I liked it back in the day when Tintdude was the only gig on the net. That kept life real simple and organized. More “channels” on the telly doesn’t necessarily mean better programming lol
  6. So just for clarification of this thread, there was no leak prior to you tinting the sunroof?
  7. I have had the same experience [emoji4][emoji106]
  8. Here’s how I do them , this Camaro window is from a couple of weeks ago, I pull the glass , then no contamination on the edges. Looks like factory tint when done [emoji106]
  9. I’m loving the IRX upswell. If you know how to profile your customer and vehicles along with the demo kit that they supply, it’s a great way to make more $$ without working harder [emoji41][emoji106]
  10. So far so good . I like it’s shrinkability , it’s looks , clarity and workability. [emoji4]
  11. The fact that you didn’t get paperwork for it was done for cash isn’t necessarily suspicious . I’m a reputable Llumar dealer and I won’t give paperwork for a windshield tint as it’s legalities are questionable. I have only ever used AIR80 in a windshield because despite its questionable legalities, I’m all for helping customers with their skin issues with a tint that in no way is dangerous for visibility. With that being said, there should be no reason why the shop can not show you the tint with lot number in a “bonified” box for your piece of mind . If they cannot , I would go right to head office and confirm that they at least buy that particular product. If they do, the odds are you are ok. Also as a last resort , if you go to another Llumar tint shop who knows the film lines well, they can look at the job and should be able to tell you just by looking at it with a trained “Llumar eye” .
  12. I kept the scraper away from it all together and used a soft white scrubbie and cleaner just to loosen any contaminates and went right over the coating . No warranty due to stupidity of the manufacturer . Came out fine and customer was happy I didn’t take a blade to his window . Not debating if I should have or not ... just the customer and My mutual agreement in how I was going to proceed if he wanted it tinted at my shop or not . I wasn’t going to mess with that coating and potentially pay for new glass it ruin it . Too many cars lined up that doesn’t have “issues” to bother with the risk.
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