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Tinting Truck Rear Glass

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This is how I do the backglass is 90% of the trucks that come through the shop...Usually takes about 5-8 mins tops.....

Tools needed: Blue Max, Fav. Squeege of choice,white scrubby, hardcard, and lint free paper towels...

1.Remove headrest, and spray down the glass and scrub down the glass with your whatever it is you use.. Before the squeege it off, take a fresh paper towel and wipe down the black bored around the edges. Now suqueege it clean...

2.Spray the glass down one last time and squeege it out again. To make sure you got all the contamination off. DONT squeege the last 4 inchs of the bottom....

3. Take your sprayer and wet this bottom 4 inches. This will blow away the contamination that might be at the bottom. and also will give you some play when positioning the film....

4. Go to the board (with your pattern upside down and liner side out), and wet your film.. Slide you hands under it from the bottom and grab it from about the middle of the film (the exact same way you would do a roll up if you pull gaskets) The film will be folded over horizontal in your hand(get the picture?)....Stick you film, position it...and usually I will blue max it out the first time...

bada bing, no contamination in the top of your film what so ever from thoes nasty black borders......quick and pain less..

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