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I haven't been much of a gamer for a while, although, we got my son an xbox 360 and he bought this game.

Fight Night Round 3 and a membership to xbox live...

This sh!t is cool. I've regained my fondness for video games for the time being..

Anybody have this game and wanna box??? :beer

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If I had one I'd take you down for sure........... :thumb ............. :DD

Sounds like fun....shooter games online are fun too.


I've been an Unreal Tournament sniper for about 5 years,

I love the 1st person type shootem up games... :DD

my gamer tag: xo PITBULL ox

I'll look for you on there... :beer

Do you have Fight Night Round 3??

If so, PM me and we'll get a fight goin'.... :DD

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