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Film Handler Tips

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

Tip 1: Get the shims. Man those are nice!

Tip 2: When mass cutting windows the same size, on your ruler/ladder/wall/etc mark the spot with a piece of tape. Then just pull to the tape each time. Makes it mindless so you don't have to think, "35 and 1/4" over and over

Tip 3: When mass cutting windows, instead of counting how many you've cut, simply rip off that many pieces of tape to use. Once the tape is gone, you're all done, just count to rolls to make sure.

Tip 4: When mass cutting windows, put some tape on your finger to prevent paper cuts while tightening the film into a tighter roll

Tip 5: If you're cutting a lot of 2 or 3 sizes, instead of labeling the tape 37"x68" and 35"x52".....just use two or three different sizes of tape. Once inch wide tape will be for small windows, 1.5" will be for the medium, 2" for the large. Obviously this only works in certain situations. If you have several sizes or sizes that are very different (37" wide and 17" wide.....) you wouldn't have to. But if you have three that are similar this makes it very easy to identify the film size.



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