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San Diego Tinter

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Hey, I am flying out to Palm Springs this weekend for Mother's Day, and while there I am tinting mom's car. She also said there was interest from her co-workers to have me do their cars, but I declined. After all, it's a vacation! One of the guys has a HumVee with flip-up doors I guess. I was planning on cutting the film for her car here, taking it with me on the plane, and installing it there. Her car is easy and I have the basic dimensions after doing hundreds of Mustangs, but the HumVee is a different story.

I told her I would recommend a tinter in the San Diego (or Palm Springs) area, but I don't remember where all of you here at TD are located. I looked in the 'locate a professional', but no one has there user name posted.

Please some of you old pals, let me know if you are from that area, and I will send some work your way.

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OlfaBlade was a member on here in Oceanside. Thats under Reids Tinting but he deletec his account for some reason...

Kramster is also on here and in that area.

VIP tint and glass is in Murietta which is kinda between LA and Sandiego and a little east.

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Thanks. I will refer them to one of those guys, since I discussed tinting with a couple of them quite a bit back in the day.

I appreciate the info!

Wiseguy's Inc. Window Tinting

1217 S. Mission rd.

Fallbrook, CA 92028


we're only about an hour away from Palm Springs.. its down the 79, and then down the 15 south.


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