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Suntek film

Guest Tint Wiz

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Guest Tint Wiz


have just orderd a roll of suntek film as a customer wanted a 30% film, and only suntek could could get it for me asap as customer will not wait ,or he would go else where, does anyone else use it and has it been ok

Thank`s wiz :rollin

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Guest naughtydog

I've got some but not tried it yet. People claim it's good, shrinks well and is priced right.

Out of interest - where in the north west are you located?? I'm new to tinting and am looking for a guru...


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I've been using Suntek for about 10 months. It shrinks better than Llumar, matches factory tint, liner releases easily, very clear, always get what I order, priced nice. As far as 30%, I know Johnson and Llumar have 30% and will ship overnite. Overall, I would choose Suntek over any brand I've used before. *NOTE- this is my personal opinion, and it is not that of this site, it's administrator, or any of it's member. It's mine, and I'm entitled to that. If anyone doesn't like it, come tell me to my face.

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Guest sdtintin

it works for me n I love it bin using it for 3 months now n no problems yet ,as to the long term longevity of the film I dunno but the film itself rocks shrinks mega looks the mutts n there customer service is just great :lol

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I just bought a roll of 35% hp line and I have tinted 2 toyota avalon's with it I loved it like tint fx said it shrank like butter. I like the look of it too not too shiny I was using johnson's sp line and was too shiny the suntek for me shrank alot easier. long term don't know just switched but I like what I see. :):)

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Guest Tint Wiz


for all your replies just used the suntek on thursday and it looked :? 30% all round on saab convertiable, had a go on a clio back window and it shrunk better than LLumar and Johnson`s put together so I will start my account with my surrplier when my stock`s run out .

ndog I am based in liverpool and runcorn cheers

ndog :?

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Guest tintbypaul

I recieved some samples and used it on a 02 Escape, looked good was easy to work except rear glass. Was having trouble with black band around rear window. any one else have that? Other than that I liked it and the price!

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