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Must be turning into Old Tinter

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I was at another shop this morning shrinking the rear window when a kid comes up to me and asks if the film goes on the outside. So I look over and say "kinda" and ignore him (an't my shop, just there once inwhile to tint), then the guy asks if I install stereos. I (without looking at him) say I "just tint windows". So then he procedes to ask if I wet sand and buff cars (guess his hearing aid did'nt work), So I just said "nope" and give em a :lol

Well I had lunch with the wife and told her about this, and she says I'm getting grumpy in my older age :lol I'm starting to catch my self getting shorter with customers though :lol I wonder if OT started this way in his late 30s, or if I'm just getting some of the cream of the crop lately :lol

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Guest thetintshop

I'm the same way. I get short with customers dumb ass questions. I think it's the fact that we've answered those dumb ass questions 5 billion times, not that we're getting grumpy in our "old age". I used to explain it thoroughly when asked. now when they say "isn't that supposed to go on the inside?", I just say "yep" and keep on laying on the outside.

I had an old fart ask if it went on the inside once as I was cleaning the outside of his glass, and I said "sometimes" and continued what I was doin. I cut all the sides and shrank the back, cut it all to fit, so it's now completely ready to put on the inside. I walked over, made his invoice and said "there you go man", AND HE PAID ME!!! the look on his face was priceless. I couldn't keep a straight face and started laughing, told him to go sit down, I'd be done in a little bit. he was actually going to take it with the film on the outside. I told him I was just messing around, cause it's gets boring doing the smae s**t day in day out. he wasn't amused. haven't seen him since either. people have no sense of humor!!!!!!!

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Guest Braud Spectrum

When people asked me that question when I had a tinter working with me I'd grin and holler at my tinter... "Bob! Dammit ! How many times do I have to tell you!"

They don't know. I used to think it was an insult. As if they were trying to act like they knew more than me about tinting or that I was so new and inexperienced that they must correct my error before I ruined something. :confused I think they are just curious. Want to make conversation. I just go with the flow and tell them "More room out than there is in"... My grandmother used to say that when she passed gas... :rollin:shock

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Guest thetintshop

I still take it as an insult. just depends on how they word it. if they say "the tint goes on the outside?", it doesn't bother me. but if they say "doesn't the film go on the inside?" THAT'S AN INSULT. because that's not a question, that's a correction.

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