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2008 HHR

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Guest brooksweith

just done a 2007 hhr last weekend, it is a simple job. the door panels are easy to pop off. I found it easier because the bottom seal is way lower than the top of the panel. there are 2 or 3 torx screws in each panel, 1 behind the door open handel, I think two under the handle you use to close the door from the inside and a plastic push in about half way down on the outside edge of the panel. to remove the push in just take a small screwdriver that will fit in the center plug and just barely push it in about 1/8 inch and pry the outer piece out. when reinstalling the plug just remove the center plug, insert the outer section back into its location in the panel and then insert the plug in the middlle. sounds kinda complicated but once you do one you will see what I mean. once you have the screws and plug out, the panel just pops off. it is easier to get it started from the bottom, and be ready to pinch your fingers because they fit tight. just leave the wiring and handles attached because there is plenty of slack to just let them hang. once you have the panel off, the seal will come completely out. this was a very easy job. the thing that held me up was shrinking the back glass because my heat gun decided to sh*t the bed on me and was only putting out about 300 deg. hope this helps.

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