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"Open the door and feel cash"?? Open the door and look at the tw*t driving that Bentley???. Stealth carbon wrap is a waste on a Bentley, BUT can understand it looks cool , but a cammo wrap on a Bentley is a WASTE and looks SH1t IMO. some may like but thats horrible!!! Good job to wrap it, of course, not putting the skill and effort down Leo!!!

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Just FYI....




So if there are people who can pay for that - why not to make them what they want?

And also this car have some additional tuning....

I understand and realize - I look strange and craze and whatever.

But telling again - this is my way in life and biz.

I dont want to be ONE OF.

I want to be ONE & ONLY.

And I can't be loved by everybody - even $ is also not loved by all the people :embar

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I think it looks pretty sweet... Not something I would do, or entertain, but kinda like it cos its different

Look different - and SOME people like it.

When ALL people will like - I will stop it, as it will cost nothing.

Till this is exclsuive - I deal with that.

Now this is ONE car - and owner is proud.

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