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Need a font?

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I have over 2300 fonts loaded onto my comp. So if your looking for one, there is a really good chance I have it. Just let me know the name of it and I will see if I have it. sorry but with this many fonts you will have to know the name of it. Because I cant look through all of them to find one that looks like the one you need. I am sure you can understand that. Also I know this may make me out to seem like a arsehole, but if your just joined the site, or just got into the business. I will propbaly not send you the font you need. The reason for this is quite simple. I have learned quite a bit from this site and helped as often as I could. So I don't want to help out somebody who has not helped out the other members of this site. I also don't want to contribute to taking money out of somebodys mouth who has been not only on this site for yrs helping out the other members, but who relys on his business to feed his family. By giving the guy who just opened up a shop down the st from that person a font that they can use to sell a job... Call me an arsehole for it, but I consider it as being loyal to those who have helped me over the yrs!

Also it would be best to email me if you need a font. As I am not on the site all that often to see that you need one. My email is pierce8468@yahoo.com

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