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Tinting a mentally handicap workplace

Guest Spesh

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Guest Spesh

Hey guys,

Had an uplifting experience today, I tinted a work shop that is the profitable arm of a major charity in Australia.

In the workshop they package products for other companies, but anyway, I was there for 5 hours and today was their monthly training day....basically where the employees (mentally handicapped) go over their safety training.....I was amazed at how it was run, so professional and all the people seemed to be having a great time.....made me want to donate some time to the shop.......the best thing is that its a profitable operation where the company makes money with these people, therefore displaying their exceptional efficiency etc

Anyway, just had to share this, was really amazed at how it was run

My goal is to be a millionaire (who wouldn't) then to do charity work, want to be a millionaire first so that I can do this volunteer work when I want etc

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Guest Sprinter

we have places like that here, where handicap people work on different stuff like stuffing envalopes or putting books together and so forth, was called last month from one of these places to use them next time for sending fliers out or something like that and I have the # on my desk if I need something done.

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