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Looking to get into vinyl, help point me the right direction

Guest norcalboris

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uscutter.com is where I started looking when I got my stuff. They have cheap $300 cutters that will do what a beginner needs, but def want to get something a little better if your looking to cut faster, cleaner stuff. I started with a Us Cutter 721 cutter which is 24". I have since moved on to a Graphtec CE-5000 24" cutter and love it. While it might not be the biggest baddest out there, it serves my needs just fine and at $1500 it was right where I wanted to be price wise.

I use signoutletstore for most of my vinyl and supplies and cant complain there either. When you buy a new cutter it will come with a cutting program. I highly reccomend Flexi. I use illustrator and Flexi to do anything I have to.

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---------> :)

Seriously though check out Signcraft magazine for some info and with apologies to our host have a look at the forum over at Signs101 for some opinions on different machines. Yes I know that forum is not nearly as cool as this one but there is info and that is what norcalboris is looking for <---------------- :dunno

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I got ya. Signs 101 is a good forum with ALL the pros but I will say alot of the PRO forums are not as friendly as one that has beginners on it, understandably. I like it all and every one has something you can take from it, its just that some are not willing to help a legitimate newbie out even though thats where everyone came from at one time.

Check em all out and if you have an extra $28,000 laying around, pick up a new printer and really start the business :blink:

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