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Solargard UP50 to UP40

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I originally posted a pic of my car in this thread, but I don't know what happened to the picture.

So I started with UP50 about 4 years ago:


But then this happened:


Under warranty, the dealer replaced it with UP40:



IMO, the color is not as nice from the outside since I don't care for the bluish hue. However, the clarity from the inside is much better, which is really not saying much since the UP50 was terrible when light hit it from an angle (cloudy/milky). I'll take the function over fashion anyday... it feels like I have new windows!

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Nice! This was right about when I hired into SolarGard so I'm not 100% on this but I do know we gave out samples of UP50 but not sure if we ever officially sold it. The haze you speak of was what stopped it from being released.

Glad they took care of you, I like the 40 better.

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