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12" rolls can do pickup truck hoods, headlights, mirrors, pickup truck bumpers, A-pillars, Leading edge of the roof, and clusters of door handle cups.

I go through a roll of 6" about once a month or two doing mirrors, some headlights, etc also.

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We have tailored some of our preload packages at dealerships to incorporate "mini" hood kits to meet the pricepoints needed to cover every car on the lot. Our rover dealer sells the heck out of this kit on the vertical portion of the hood:


HSE Kit by pjp98z, on Flickr

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12" is good for your smaller stuff like rockers and Headlights. But you can usually fit that stuff in with the kits that are on a 24" roll. 24" is your most versitale roll you have if you plan on cutting kits with it. I wouldn't recommend 12" uppers to meet price point though. That opinion is only base on our area, other areas we sell to and what the dealership market is really dictating at the present time. I can't speak for Texas where Xpel is. 12" is not much coverage on a hood and can lead to a back lash of unhappy customers taking the car back to the dealership because the film did not protect the high impact area. If you take a look at some of the kits back in the not so distant future, 18" coverage was common. You are seeing more and more current patterns drawn with 24" coverage in mind, not 12". The expectations are higher in the PPF market and going backwards in coverage doesn't seem to be the direction we as a clear bra market are going. Hence why 60" is a must now. I can't tell you how much more 60" material we sell compared to previous years. So as stated from other installers, it is good for your smaller stuff like side skirts, door cups, door edges, headlights, and even top of rears.

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I disagree that offering 12" of coverage is going backwards for the industry and for a couple points alone. Not arguing with you, just pointing out what I see here in my neck of the woods.

Some customer's that I speak with ask me if there is any option to only cover the leading edge of the hood (12" or so), because they do not think that they need anymore than that for protection.

I explain that having more is always better, but getting to the point, they do not want any more. So I schedule them for 12" of coverage on the hood and whatever else they decide to get.

I find that more often than not when I hear from them again in the future, they want more coverage the next time around. After they purchase another vehicle or maybe the vehicle that I worked on had a fender bender and needed a respray, they want more.

I see the 12" of coverage as an education to customer's in this industry. It simply gets them aware of the benefits of this product. Once they experience it they want more the next time around.

Kinda like when you give a kid candy for the 1st time....after that it's all over......more, more, more.....

Also dealerships can offer 12" of coverage far more cheaper than 24" or a full hood to there customer's. Some folks who purchase a car see the 12" of coverage and right away think "I'd like more, can you provide me more coverage"......leading to front bumper, lights, more coverage on the upper sections (hood / fenders), etc...... I heard so many times after doing an install for customer's for the 1st time, "wow, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread, I cant even see it, is there any other area's that you could cover"?

Again, it's an education and helps product awareness from my point of view.

Yes, I agree that we should push 24" of coverage or better yet full uppers (and I mostly install this amount on cars).....but for the folks that have not experienced paint protection film yet, giving them a taste is allowing your business with them in the future to provide more coverage down the road. Not to mention the fact that they refer you to others as well (word of mouth is your best friend).

At least from my point of view and what I have gone through here in the greater Atlanta, Ga. and greater Pittsburgh, Pa areas anyway, as I service both.

Just something to think about.


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