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2014 McLaren MP4-12C

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Pretty excited about this, it's probably the first one in Erie-

17A51599-0386-40E9-A93F-C1647AF1E6B5.jpgHas anyone done one of these yet? Any tips or things to watch out for? I'll have this coming in about a week or so.

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K, finished this today so I just thought I'd add my thoughts. Overall it really wasn't bad. Doors are super easy, tiny easy 1/4's too. The 6" tall back window wasn't easy, but still no big deal. I could have probably pulled the gaskets by removing 2 easy to find screws (one behind a cap at the jamb side upper corner of the door, like range rovers, and the other behind the air bag clip symbol thing. But with how low the gasket was I saw no need to take it apart.







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