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  1. I have the dewalt one, and it is no where near enough for what it takes to shrink a back window. Stick to corded
  2. If you do it right removing the UV coating should use about this many blades 😔
  3. I have always wondered if this would fare better than the normal horizontal attempt! Kind of like Model3’s are done. You should post a video sometime 👍
  4. We are selling an FC8600. Shoot me an email- sales@sharperimagestintandwraps.com
  5. I have a used Graphtec FC8600 I will sell you. Located in Erie, PA. I believe it is technically a 54” plotter. It will fit a 60” roll on the roller, but cut width is about 53” max. Great machine. Email me if your interested. -Michael
  6. I did a 2020 E class this past week. No problems with the key fob. But I did disassemble the trunk a bit to cover the electronics behind the walls. Overall easy car.
  7. Toyota Prius, any year, all easy.
  8. The XRPLUS has a blue hue, nothing like CIR, but I’d say it’s the most blue of the Xpel bunch. HP has a slight blue hue, but not so much that the average person would ever be able to notice it, it’s very very slight. Personally I think the regular XR line has the nicest black color. CS is very neutral as far as hues as well.
  9. The Xpel XR Films aren't close enough? I have used regular XR (not Plus) and been very happy with the match. CXP and possibly Carbon will be too green, and CIR too blue.
  10. Has anyone done one of these yet? If so any tips/tricks or things to look out for? Have one coming at 8:30am. Thanks! -Michael
  11. Olfa, bluemax, yellow contour, platinum smart card, small green turbo.
  12. Carbon has a better heat rejection though.
  13. Coolvetica, should be on dafont.com
  14. I only did the front doors. But for those who remove panels there are screws the all the obvious places, plus one tricky one! It’s under the little piece of trim around the door lock at the top corner. A little pry bar can wiggle the trim out super easily. I believe they were all T20’s, like 7 screws per door no joke. Other than that bottom gasket pulls out no problem. Easy fronts to do.
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