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Do certain films show dust spots/contamination more than others??


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So I was reading here in the forum & brought a question to my attention.. do certain window films show contamination or dust spots more than others??

I'm using Armolan/Sun Control window films right now and considering making the switch to EWF or another supplier. Main reason for asking is I keep getting contamination on rear window no matter how good I prep and my shrink is always just fine. Also been using the reverse roll method here lately..



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lack of experience tends to show more dust than others. :D

I hear ya there! Lol only been tinting about 6 months.. have done probably 20ish cars & it seemed like I never really had a problem with contamination until I started the reverse roll. Now I tend to get more than acceptable....
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Right on man. When you use filtered water do you mean by getting say "filtered water" from the dollar store in the 1 gallon jugs? Or when you put water in your tank use a coffee filter? I'm using a jr. Pump up impact sprayer..

You can use water from the dollar store, just make sure it's distilled. Other wise you can install a inline filter from your water source.
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Guest Big L Window Tinting

Let me ask you something Drew, are you working mobile or at a shop? When working outdoors you will never have a 100% contamination free environment. Also do you inspect the film prior to installation? If it's the films fault there should be defects on the film.

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