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PPF hand cut templates


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Tend to usually use plotter programs for all pre cuts.


More often then not the program we use does not offer Full Hoods or correct templates.

Also have been running into a lot of motorcycles lately.


I was curious on how you all precut your templates w/o using your cut programs.


I have tried using the film liner but templates did not come out so clean.

Also have tried using transfer tape and seemed to like that better and have been using that recently.


Was curious to hear some other peoples methods on how to create a solid template.

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As far as full hoods go, I don't see a need for a template. Just install bulk,trim half inch or so over the edge, and wrap film under the hood. No cutting on the paint if your not comfortable doing so. If your not wrapping the edges I would consider doing so. It's a much cleaner install, doesn't take much more time, and you won't get chips on the leading edge. 

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