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  1. I use a soak rope now. 2 Actually. One on each side of the bake light at the bottom. Did a 2020 e-class this morning.
  2. I think you maybe missing the pay on % basis. It doesn't matter the amount of work he was doing. If the total ticket was $200 he got 35% of that.
  3. You said the word Tom. "Netting" Something people seems to forget about. People chase the clout of looking the part. Image is important, but not to the detriment of your finances. I have been down sizing over the years. Guess what. I have also been keeping more money. Maybe it's not smart text book business model. I don't make money off other people working. But I am a worker and that's okay with me. It's not perfect, and who knows it may bite me in the ass years down the road... My favorite quote is " it's not how much you make, it's how much you keep".
  4. I have done a handful also. I have a small piece of a clear max cut and taped to a bone toll for a squeegee. Its like doing the Golf front quarter glass. They suck!
  5. Turn up the heat in the building. Or place space heaters in front of the windows. Maybe. Just a thought.
  6. This is true in some states that have annual safety inspections. Utah was one of them. You would 100% fail with the brake light covered.Now they got rid of safety inspections so we cover them now. Oh ya, that tint job looks no bueno.
  7. Gloss film will turn the paint to a gloss look.
  8. I think @Midtown Houston has one. Maybe he can lead you in the right direction?
  9. When we talk about scratch coat it will more then likely be referring to tools scratching it during installation.
  10. Does it do it with the blade out? I have seen this when the bearing in the blade goes out. The blade can't spin so it just grabs the film and bunches it up.
  11. Warranty is a interesting issue. I wonder if techs would need to be trained to do in house warranty's .
  12. WOW! That is beautiful and unique. Very nice
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