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Part time mobile tool storage


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Don't post on here hardly ever, but enjoy reading often...my question is for guys that have a storefront but occasionally do mobile work...as in don't have a mobile van/truck setup...how do y'all handle tool/film storage in and out of the shop without constantly worrying about forgetting something simple...I've seen a few toolboxes, 5 gallon buckets...just wanted to get some more ideas..I do a lot of dealership work for an automotive group, so I'm between 5-6 dealerships..but I've started doing more side work on the weekends and hate carrying multiple loads to the truck on Fridays and always thinking I'm forgetting something I may need..

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I have double of everything a tool box that stays at shop and box that comes with. with a few extra tools ect....... there isn't much you need when it comes to tinting

That was my thought, I have double if not triple of pretty much everything...what sort of "box" are you using??

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