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I need to remove/strip PPF Cap Sheets. ( Any know-how / advice ? )

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As you guys know, The PPF a three layer.


I recently got XPEL and SunTek PPF rolls.

After cutting with my plotter, it is too hard to strip and remove the cap sheet.


For me it takes too long to strip the cap sheet, and I am afraid of getting some dammage during the removing.


Could you give me some advice and tip for removing the Cap sheet after plotting ?


Thank you.




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take your olfa blade and flick the edge of the film a few times. You'll start to see a little shading which is an indicator that the cap sheet is releasing from the urethane. Once you get it released enough, you should be able to grab it with your fingers and peel. Takes a few tries to get the technique, but it becomes super easy once you do. Plus, keeping the capsheet on while you cut allows you to be rougher with the film while weeding out the excess so you don't have to worry about the film tearing. Or I should say, you are less likely to see tearing. Anything is possible these days with some of the pictures i've seen.

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