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Scratching gaskets

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How about a post listing all of the KNOWN cars (personally experence, not hear say) that have gaskets that need felting.

These have all given me problems (ive had to retint each one more than once)

Saturn ION and VUE

Acura TL 4-door (not sure if there is a two door :rollin )

Honda Accord 2-Door coupe

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98 and up Mercedes Benz, s500,s430,e320,s44,s55 ALL the S and E ,ML trucks,(I know this Cuz I worked with SolarSolution,Genero, he does A big MB DEALER, he is Kool :rollin )

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Guest metint

Okay... here's a good one for you everyday installers...

On Honda cars... namely the Accord 2dr & 4dr... is it the gasket scratching the film or something else deep inside?

Has anyone actually seen non-felt weather-strips on Honda Accords... if so, is it the 2dr, the 4dr or both.

The reason for the question is that there is the possibility that something other than the weather-strip will cause scratches to the film on those vehicles.

Anyone? :evileye

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We do all the tinting for the hoda dealership and we tint alot of honda accords 4dr they all need felt strips added or it will scratch the film, it is nothing else scratching it but the rubber seal I know that for sure

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