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new body style 2 door accord

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Do you guys actually spend the extra time refelting the seals? If you do do you give the customer a heads up and charge them for it right from the get go?

I don't have time to fix manufactures $%#@ ups. If it scratches tell why and the dealer has to deal with it. That is just the way I am going to try to handle the first one that comes in.

Did you guys take responsibility for the 70's camaros that had the same problem? Only it wasn't the felt seal it was the mechanism on the inside that not only scraped the tint off but also gouged the glass to @#$%.

That is the way I am going to deal with the newer cars. Sorry sir looks like a design problem from the manufacturer.

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I dont felt anything I just take the panel off because I cant ever get the tint on without fingers popping up from the wet seal :thumb if I cut the pattern too short the door panel shows so F-it :DD 3 screws and it pops off. the hew honda panels come off in seconds literally.

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Guest S and S

Whats wrong with that BigZ I take all panels off and still do one in an hour and a half unless its Mdog's favorite cat which has about 25 screws in it!!!!!!!

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wow. MDog How do you take the Pannel off. Plz Help me

2 scerews behind a false cover behind the latch on the inside, and 2 screws below the armrest, grab the pocket on the bottom of the door panel and give it a tug that will pop the panel clips loose all the way around. now just pull up on the panel and it comes right off. also remove the triangular plastic cover on top of the panel on the front it will make the panel come off easier.

if you dont notice 2 screws below the armrest look in the change holder on the armrest and lift up the rubber cover and take that screw out.

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