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Poetry... in motion

Guest metint

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Guest metint


by Metint

?It?s scary?, what some say about flying

About hijackings and passengers dying

Ha ha ha, I laugh to keep from being afraid

Another man?s perceptions can cut like a blade

Laughter over the absurdity of one man?s fear

Keeps me sane and full of good cheer

You can never know but it has been said

It?s the when or where people must dread

Lightning can strike setting me aglow

Frying my body from my head to my toe

With it comes a loud and thunderous clap

Yet on a cloudless day I?d feel like a sap

Believe what you wish in all its glory

Cling to faith and consider the story

As a lesson for those afraid of the mall

Roulette anyone . . . come on roll that little ball

Lucky me at the airport and having to wait

Stopped temporarily before reaching my gate

Please mister please I have a plane to catch

Hurry please hurry I see them closing the hatch

Seriously . . . a look into my cup of jo

Tell me dear sir what will it show

Possibly another man?s fearful perceptions

Staring back from the dark brown reflections

May I remind you that life is full of chance

And in God?s eyes our life is but a glance

So why dear friend must we be afraid

Because in the end it is only ourselves we?ve betrayed

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Guest metint

Without a doubt... the black homie rap thing that is... :cool

You writin' some of the material for m&m and the like :lol:lol

Here's my very first attempt:

Tormented Me

by Metint

Endless, useless, wandering thoughts

How they torment me

When dear God will you see fit

To set me free

Of these and others

I ask of thee

Assimilate them now into what is

And what is not to be

Or provide my mind with the master key

So those that are trapped

May begin to flee

And no longer wander

Inside the mind of . . .

Tormented me

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dude, you need counseling :cool just kidding.

here's one I wish I could take credit for, but it's from a song..

Born from the dark,

In the black cloak of night

To envelop its prey below,

Deliver to the light

To eliminate your enemy,

Hit them in their sleep,

And when all is won and lost,

The spoils of wars are yours to keep

Great nations built from the bones of the dead,

With mud and straw, blood and sweat,

You know your worth when your enemies

Praise your architecture of aggression

Ensuing power vacuum,

A toppled leader dies

His body fuels the power fire,

And the flames rise to the sky

One side of his face a kiss,

The other genocide

Time to pay with your ass,

A worldwide suicide

Born from the dark,

In the black cloak of night

To envelop its prey below,

Deliver to the light

To eliminate your enemy,

Hit then in their sleep,

And when all is won and lost,

The spoils of war are yours to keep

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Guest thetintshop

I posted this a long time ago. back when the original GPC was around.

Jack bought a new truck

A beautiful color of slate,

A grey leather interior

And a big ass V-8.

He bought a few accessories,

To stand out in the crowd.

Some 20 inch wheels,

Which he was especially proud.

A killer sound system,

That could shake the ground.

Next came the "tint;s",

5% all around.

Some electrical problems,

Jack faced regularly.

It became hard to start,

And shook violently.

With engine a knockin',

A frustrated Jack,

Drove to the dealership,

To give it back.

Then with a rattle,

The voltage did drop.

On the train tracks,

Jack's truck did stop.

Jack screamed and yelled,

And then to God he prayed.

"Please Lord start my truck,"

But on the tracks it stayed.

His tint was so dark,

The train he could not see.

It crashed into his truck,

Killing him instantly.

He arrived in heaven and

By St. Peter he was met

"I'll need to check in with God,

because it was not your time yet."

Jack stood before the Lord,

"This just isn't fair,

"I asked for your help God,

"But you didn't answer my prayer."

"I'm sorry my son,"

With a sigh said the Lord.

"But even I couldn't start,

That POS Ford."

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Guest metint
You writin' some of the material for m&m :lol6  :lol6

Its eminem not M&M me tint!! :rollin

No I got it right...

We are talking about dark (black, chocolate, brown) on the inside, colorful on the outside...


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