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Any wholesalers ship to Canada?

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Hi I’m a new to tint  business wondering any of wholesale tint  company ships to Canada? Also need to know what brand or quality to go with don’t want any high quality but same time not looking for dirt cheap either something reasonable price I want to buy 5% 24 ‘100 and 40’100 another thing what other percentages then 5% I should get ? As most of people wanted 5% what you guys think I was thinking to get 1 roll of maybe 30% or 35% help out thx

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To keep your initial costs down, I would get a 36" roll of 20% and 5% (that size will work on 99% of the vehicles out there), and then a 24" roll of 35%.  That would get you started and then you can adjust from there.  Where in Canada are you from?

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