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Window Tint penalties

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I know that the window tint is not supposed to be less than 70% light transmission on the side windows per the FMCSA. http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/title49/section/393.60

On our dump trucks we adhere to this.

However I have a dually pickup that is only under FMCSA when I am pulling a trailer which about 25% of the time. I am considering tinting the windows to the 25% state allowed limit as this Texas sun is brutal. I know I will be in violation when towing but I am considering taking that chance. Just curious what the penalties, points, consequences are. Is it just a fine or are there more serious implications?

For what it is worth I had 25% tinted windows on my last pickup and was stopped but the DOT three times for weight check and they never asked about the windows. Maybe I just got lucky.

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If you've done the same reading of the TX state statute, you are in good company because I came away with a nothing burger on any penalty. I would presume you would receive a fix-it ticket but, who knows how they handle it outside of vehicle state inspection.

Call TDPS and ask.

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