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On 1/14/2022 at 8:55 AM, Tahoedude said:

Thanks just wasn’t sure if there is any substantial differences in products.

Of course there's a difference in a products (quality).


Which of these two brands of dog food is the better product: Purina or Nutrish?


Purina is the better product. Why? Because Purina has been successful at making pet food for decades; having a whole development department that has dedicated science of combining ingredients and testing apparatus that ensures deliver of a product of value.  Nutrish has only been around for a decade and a half.


Yes, this might be a poor example but in many industries today (including window film) there are the long term big names and there are the up and coming. Then, you have those who turn to the big names to have them make a film to which any name can be placed on the box. The big guys make film for others and they make components for small converters who put together components bought from many sources. The big names do not make a film for their own brand the same as making a film for someone asking them for a film to brand their competitive name to the box.


You can even get started selling window film yourself; as long as you have deep enough pockets. In doing so, you may wind up with a gen 2 or 3 dyed layer and a gen 2 adhesive, while it looks, smells, and installs the similar to a gen 5 product the big guy puts their name brand on, the gen 2 won't last as long. Big guys keep the gen 5's for themselves up until gen 6 is developed. You get my grift?

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