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YOU did WHAT to my new truck?

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booga scratched this guys brand new truck :cool it was in for a snug top camper, the guy drove all the way from FORT WORTH TO GET IT!!! which is about 140 miles to where he lives.

here booga is breaking the news to the guy :lol

OHHHHHH @#$% I scratched this guys truck booga seems to be thinking :lol look at victors face :lol he has the look of concern :lol

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Guest Meff
here hs is explaining to the guy what happened :thumb

the guy is lucky booga didnt BLOW IT UP in the process :thumb

"uhh sir I am sorry I am a dipshvit" :poke

Booga has the confident eye to eye contact when talking or explaining shizz to people. :lol6:lol6

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