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Architectural Film w/ PS Adhesive vs Dry

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Hey all,



Planning to DIY some windows on a residence.


Would like to try some Geoshield Geo, however it's a strange film as it's specc'ed as Architectural but has a PS Adhesive.  Before I make a big mistake, I was wondering if this would be a b%tch to remove if I have to do so, 10-15 years down the line *shrug*.  I mean, everyone hates removing adhesive on auto tint, so If I have to scrape all the windows on the house to redo then it might be better to get something that is Dry Adhesive instead.  This is going on french pane-styled windows, so uhh yeah. I better think long and hard.


Any thoughts? I figure most Architectural lines with the dry adhesive would be simple to remove, is it not? 





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I got this memo from our Local Llumar distributer here in Australia last week.

Haven't ordered any yet but I will be doing so.

All new Magic Mike


CDF Adhesive Remover 1L


New and in demand! MEP FIRST EVER CDF Adhesive Remover






Formulated to help remove film with a CDF Adhesive once applied to glass.


Price $29 + GST


Speak to your State Manager for more info!




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