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2023 ayira

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I’m not sure if every Ayira are the same. The rear side windows. Back side along the moulding. I did 3 times bottom loading using tool.film on  Back side kept on seeing the line. Film couldn’t lay flat down, one time top loading  with shorter pattern. Same. Then remove the door panel. Still couldn’t make it perfect. Realized the glass itself has a defect. On the inside toward back. It has a black hard plastic moulding glued to glass and stick outward pass the door moulding. Doesn’t matter what to do. Film just can’t stay flush or slide in. Only option is  to under the pattern. I had to call the owner back and showed them.  
it s either  under  cut the pattern or they have to bring car back to Dealership to have glass replaced.  Wonder if any one experience that. I should have taken the pics. 

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Just to update previous post. the Nissan Ariya. Owner came back said.he went to Dealership They said it s some kind of rubber channel. I think it s defect. I ran my blade over n it kinda disappeared. 

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