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  1. Nice, I got Classic Black on a car going on 9 years and It still looks great.
  2. I would double your price for a larger SUV on that one.
  3. These cars are put together worst than anything. Did a model Y that had a huge piece of debris under the paint. Never seen that along with a other shit. Just two piece if and send it away for good!
  4. I would just leave it. If you have it removed then you might have adhesive left over, which would look worse. I rarely will redo a back window I certain models.
  5. I hate the looks those...just worthless. I’ll offer to take them off, but they can deal with putting them back on.
  6. You can apply film over the Visor strip, but you’re gonna see a line where the film for the windshield over laps the visor. Not horrible looking but won’t look as clean.
  7. The best way is sanding with 1500 grit really well horizontally. Then follow up with steel wool. The lines are so thick you will barely be touching glass. Then just squeegee like any Bg. Just did one now with no peanuts.
  8. Its gonna take dozens razor blades. Most likely going to gets scratches, especially if the glass is soft. Defrosters lines wont work either. Only other option would be replacing the glass.
  9. Maybe reduce slip mixture and sand more.
  10. As the tech mentioned does look rather thick to be an olfa.
  11. Charger/300, Tesla, Old lexes & Audi all get sanded with 1500 grit. I never get any peanuts.
  12. Xpel is just global reboxed. Its funny how customers don’t want once they know.
  13. I had a custy call a few weeks ago wanting removal on a new car. I asked if she called to see if they would fix it. She said there were light gaps and hair under it and did not want them touching her car. Remember, just because people are complaining it does not mean your work great.
  14. The blue ones will last longer wrapping in hard cards. I only use white for covering rear decks.
  15. Top loading takes me longer than removing panels/seals.
  16. I like the loose gaskets on Audis.
  17. If you are seeing stuff a month later, you are not removing all the water. Maybe try a bluemax for install.
  18. Doesnt really matter how you shift pattern. Get a dry erase marker and mark the sides before you lay film in the window. This way you can see how it shifts. Also, works good for install to.
  19. They made a change to the film a couple years ago. It was to make the liner pull easier, which it does now. Also, scratching is gone and it scratched the same as global did for me. In the end, no matter the film they will all be gone after 7-10 years of heavy exposure. Nothing is much better than the next. I once removed f1 pinnacle at the 10 yr. mark once and it wad bubble and distorted just like the cheap shiat.
  20. What pile of junk, just like the rest. Plastic mirror cover is a thin as Ford Fiesta trim. If you want to pull the seals on this POS, just flex that thin, cheap panel back without removing a screw! Yep, no screws on this turd of a car.
  21. Are you using distilled or bottled water?? If not, thats your problem.
  22. Steel won’t cut it with theses. I use 1500 grit and sand horizontally.
  23. Looking back I should of just got a few 100 ft rolls and just shrunk a bunch on a bg with average difficulty. Some key points to shrinking correctly are angle/distance of heat gun, how long you stay in each area and then shrinking toward the factory edge, especially in the corners. Also, need to anchor film not to high or low. Some bgs you may go a little higher or lower than center. I use my hand to hold the film for side anchor. I start shrinking in the corner for a couple seconds ‘then’ I pull film to anchor it as I shrink. If you anchor before your’re just pulling all the slack into one big pocket to shrink. I only do this on more difficult ones.