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How can i improve my tint shop

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This place is probably one of the worst places to tint windows, no air filtration systems, and just an open garage inside a gas station. Several semi trucks pull up five feet in front of our shop every day to get deisel, kicking up dust and making it really loud while you try to concentrate on tinting. Customers constantly stare at us tinting, making us uncomfortable, even though we have a waiting area with comfortable sofas and a t.v. The Garage doors need to be lifted up with a broom, and are old and  heavy as hell. What can i do to improve my tint quality in these conditions? There is always dust in my tint, no matter how long i clean the window. I cant afford to get a air filtration system and renovate the shop. Please help me TintDude community!

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1. Paint your floors with cheap epoxy and sprinkle a light dusting of play sand over it while its wet to make it less slick.


2. Get your peel board as close as you can to your prepped glass. Mist the air before you open your pattern.


3. Rope off the area that you don't want people walking into.


4. Build nice, easily readable signs to look like your running a top knotch install shop. 


5. Save every dollar you can and keep an eye out for a better location. Move your signs to the new shop for brand recognition.


6. Turn the old location into a detail shop (keeps someone else from capitalizing on your good name) and send the tint over to the new place. 


7. Treat your customers like gold and they will follow you. Everyone likes to see a good shop grow.


8. Start tinting the crusty diesels in ceramic for top dollar. They spend more time in those trucks than they do at home.


9. If you have a plotter offer vin, dot and company names on the trucks. Every one of them need it.


10. Hustle and improve where you can. If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

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