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Curious on salary for Xpel sales person who sells ppf, ceramic coating and window tint jobs

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I currently work for an XL dealer in Idaho Falls Idaho. I currently make a base hourly wage and a commission percentage on my sales. I am curious if anyone can offer me guidance on what an average percentage of commission the individuals who actually sells the PPF, ceramic coating, and window tinting jobs usually gets paid. my instinct went to 10% based on also making a $16 an hour wage.  This is not what was offered and I’m trying to gather some real numbers for a discussion i plan on having with the owner.   Can anyone offer any insight into what the average percentage of commission a person who handles all of the sales for PPS, ceramic coating, and window tinting makes that works for an ex belt dealership  or an expel shop.  Out shop aims of set a goal to close 30% of all price requests that one in on a monthly basis- I had a 34% rate my first month and a 36% the month of September- exceeded the goals in my first two months- 

I’ve been in sales my entire life but never sold automotive services such as this. The commission rate offered to me seems a bit low given the volume of cells I have brought in in my first two months with the company. I just need some thing on average to gauge what percentage I am currently getting paid on my sales. 


any insight is greatly appreciated!  

Thank you, 

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30% conversion rate on leads to sales is the floor, not the ceiling. Someone who knows that industry well could easily double that while up selling the tickets with other related services. 


10% commission plus base pay? In order to pay someone 16 it likely will cost the employer around 21. Add the commission and you would be asking for 70k year which is likely not going to happen unless/until you can broker fleet accounts and turn up the volume as an outside sales rep.


Take a look at the company as a whole. Total inputs/outputs. How much would you allocate to payroll, materials, advertising, utilities, location and insurance out of 100% and maintain enough profit, after tax of course, to justify the carry cost?  


"I tell ya folks, it's harder than it looks" - Bon Scott






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Thank you both for your insight- currently at 16.00 base pay and 3% commission and I wondered if that was low?  There are no other benefits such as health insurance, 401k, etc. which have made up for a lower salary in my prior work experience.  

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