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  1. Used a sample of the carbonfx on a boat shield. Shrank like butter, stuck like glue! Hope to try some more soon...
  2. You guys continue to floor me with your customer service and dealer support. I am already regretting not making the switch. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Im wondering the same thing, i will find out i guess, i just received my soaksheild package today, lol
  4. Forget the plotter for a while and learn to hand cut tint, trust me you will be glad you did! The plotter is faster most of the time but the quality just isn't the same IMO If you must have a plotter, i got a used 40" plotter for $1000 and and pay $100 a month for the software if that helps. Buying new you could spend 4k to get set up, then software seems to be anywhere from $100 to $150 a month from what i've seen.
  5. Not sure if this may help but here are my mobile units. Built my first one of these in 2005 using a carpet dolly, some 2x4s, deck screws and 2 sided tape. Used 1/4in thick 3x5 piece of glass, think I might have spent $75 and it lasted 12years before I had to replace the base. Just built my second one a few months ago, used a bit better carpet dolly, thicker lumber and had the glass smoothed on the edges, still don't think I had over $100 in it. The angle is key to stability, but I can tell you they are awesome. I put them all over the shop and place on each side of the car as I am installing and they work great for me.
  6. Just wanted to revive this old thread, been cruising along the last few months with nothing that truly gave me a fit In walks a custy today with an mk6 gti hatch. All went well until the hatch, imagine how embarassed i was as my custy watched me make 4 thats right 4 shrink attemps on this window. Had to send the custy out with a few creases on the sides Just wasnt my day i guess, have done a few of the mk5s and never really had a problem. But this thing killed me. I am going to try again in a week or so. Have to make it right... i wouldnt consider myself a rookie by any means. Lost this battle but i will win the war...
  7. I actually use Square Appointments and it has been working great, for the most part I do everything with Square but the appointment reminder WORKS! I have only had 2 no shows in 3 months which is amazing. One think I like about it is that i can customize the texts that get sent. I have a terrible problem with GPS not properly locating my shop so i put detailed instructions into the confirmation text. Looked at yellow schedule, it's nice, just didn't click with me,,,'
  8. That's is a fact Jack! I had one that all but kicked my arse, couldn't figure out why, I had actually already done that car before, but the back window got busted so he brought it to me to do again. I spent hours and wasted several feet of film before getting it right. Crazy!!! Maybe that windshield is shaped different, I just did a 2014 f150 Friday and the shrink was easy.
  9. Dealership Technician, 7yrs... Pissed at the owner, quit and opened a do it all shop for about 4 years. did wheels, tires, parts, auto repairs, remote starts, lift kits lowering kits and of coarse window tinting. Of all the things i did, the tinting was always the staple of the business. Economy tanked in 2008 so decided to get out of all of the other stuff and focus on tinting. Moved location for various reasons, new location ended up being a bad choice and never really got the business off the ground. Went back to work for the dealerships as a tech for what i thought would be a short period of time, ended up Service Manager. Did that miserable job for 8 years while tinting on the side. FINALLY this year i said enough is enough. Quit that job and went full time tinting again! Best decision i have ever made!!!
  10. You guys are absolutely right! I used to tint on the side and always charged less than i should have for the quality of work i was doing. This did 2 things, made customers expect more for less and kept me so busy tinting turds that i started to hate tinting, which i actually love to do. When i decided to quit my job and go full time. I wanted pricing that would still draw in customers, weed out the bottom feeders and allow me to make a fair living, doing what i love. Now i charge $80 to $100 more on average for standard grade color stable film and get it all day with happy customers. Tint less, make more! However, every once in a while, if i slow down or have a cancellation, i tend to go against my own policy and discount to get the job in the bay, and almost every time i do this, i regret it! I always end up with a junk car or a pain in the ass customer!
  11. Had a 2000 Mustang Gt back glass do this to me a few weeks ago at the dots. I ended up having to glue it. I messed with it for an hour before I finally broke out the glue strip. Crazy!!!
  12. I wouldn't worry so much about the brand of film, worry about installer or shop doing the work first. The best film in the world may prematurely fail not installed properly. And the worst film may last a lot longer if installed properly. Ask to see something they have tinted. Ask around, Check out reviews on the shop. You could very easily overthink a simple decision. I personally use Suntek Carbon everyday and I like it, so much so that put it on my own vehicles. I think for the price point it's a nice film. I live in eastern WV so the climate is not extreme. I have cars I tinted over 10 years ago in carbon that still look great! I recently had a customer ask me to remove MMM Crystaline (arguably the cat's meow of window film) and install carbon in place of it because he hated the color of it. Also fancy shops with overly high pricing do not always equal the best quality. something to think about...
  13. Just wanted to update this thread. A blade, and a strip and i was up and running. Using a trial version of TRUCUT, so far i have had a love/hate relationship with this thing. At first it worked pretty good, then yesterday it was like somebody flipped a switch and it starts cutting poorly, feeding film weird. Was about to throw it out in the parking lot and say forget it. BUT i saw the value in it in the few jobs when it was working. Most of the issues i was having was due to user error. I decided to read the manual last night, or atleast parts of it. Had the blade gummed up with something. Also needed to reset the speed, pressure and blade depth. After that, i used it all day to day and it saved me SO much time! I love it again and after today i don't know how i made it this long without it, lol...