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  1. I'm up between 3:45 and 4am every morning.... dead tired by 8pm....which is about 30 minutes from now... get up early for a few weeks in a row and all of a sudden sleeping through the night isn't so much of a problem...
  2. My wife uses one of those for a pouch, but all she does is prep.. I find it small.. but never the will get a feel for the quality. IMO, get the normal size one fit FG installs.
  3. I can vouch for Mikes pouches, we have 3 of them.....hands down the best on the market...and we have had them all. His are laid out beautifully...pricy but worth the money.
  4. Different sounds resonate at different frequencies. I have no idea what the science is behind any of them. I would suspect that what is being used in OE auto is engineered to mitigate wind and other low frequency noises. But probably not sirens or horns that are high frequency and DB.
  5. Most of the sound deadning material out there has multiple angles and depth contours that absorb different wavelengths of sound. Lately the OEM auto mfrs have been using laminated glass instead of tempered to make the cabin of their cars more quiet. For a retrofit soundproofing measure..PPF can be used and it's actually pretty effective.
  6. Unfortunately the past 3 occupants of the WH thought it was a better idea to play the stupid with Iran. .. one even air dropped hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to them..only to have it used against our own soldiers and our homeland. DT certainly has his flaws.. no argument there. But he is showing the foreign bad actors that play time is over. If you are going to support terror operations, and pose any active or potential threat to US citizens... you WILL do so at your own demise. For much too long the US was soft on Iran, and numerous other bad actors. DT took out Soleimani decisively and effectively....that alone is a shot over the bow that China, NK,Iraq, and others in the region..and they now see that the days of Free Lunch from US citizens is over.
  7. A couple years ago I had a goal of retirement in 5-6 more years. There is a good possibility it may now happen in the next 2.. My vision for 2020 is to make sure it happens.
  8. we have installed that film a few times. ...Wont do it anymore, its just not worth the time and aggrivation
  9. If you decide to get into FG, I have a few tips. First, examine your market. Are you looking toward residential or commercial. If you are green in FG, starting in resi is a better option. Commercial contractors won't give you the time of day if you can't perform, carry significant insurance, and have a problem waiting for money. With resi, first thing to do is clean up your act. Far too. Any "tinters" show up in some type of Honda of Toyota with wheels that look like they are on broken axles, Sterio blasting some Snoop Dog crap, and dress like they should be selling a 50 rock in some back ally. People don't want this on their property let alone in their home. Dress like you are going to a job interview...where you really want the job. You must learn, know and understand your product, as well as every other product your competitors offer. Know the pros and cons of all of them and be ready to explain them in a way a 5 year old can understand to the homeowner. Know what the different glass types are and how film effects them, know what your costs goin in are and what your costs going out will be. Be able to show the homeowner how the film will work and benefit them via some solar tool. IE BTU meter, heat lamp, UV card etc. Have nice, well laid out and glossy pamphlets that back up your sales pitch that you can give to the homeowner.. Bring pieces of film with you that you can actually install on the glass if needed so the customer can see it on their home. This business is such a blind purchase transaction, what this means is that it is really no different than being a painter, carpet installer or even a mattress salesman. People are buying blind, they have no idea how paint, film, carpet of mattresses are made... And they really don't care. They just want someone to solve a problem. I can go on for days about this but it's basic business sence and practices. ..Now Commercial.... Which is our primary business, is a different animal entirely. On the front end making the initial contacts it's similar to resi. Meaning you need to show a strong knowledge of product and present your business in the most favorable light possible. But after that it's all about the numbers and performance. Commercial contractors don't give a shit if you are "the best" .. They want you to get in, get out, and not mess up their hair. Just do your job, quickly, as cheap as possible and without causing them any problems.
  10. A film handler would make your life easier, but you can also use a paper cutter. I don't like the style that was poster earlier, I like the rotary ones much better. I would cut them to the exact width you need and leave it long on the bottom, and only trim that 1 edge. Clean the glass better than you think you need too...then. Do it again.
  11. We started a R&R of 15 year old silver 20 with CDF today. Got 70 pieces 24x80 done today and another 70 to do tomorrow. Then repeat next weekend. ...way big fun....
  12. Shop is almost done. Free time has been tough to come by lately but hopefully it's done by the end of next week.
  13. Just manually unrolled it as I walked down the ladder. ..spraying the glass as I went.
  14. We did a job this am, 12 pieces 56x108 with white frost .. the top of the glass was about 13' off the floor. RR all of them, those 12 pieces and 6 others of misc size, took us ( 1 cleaner and 1 installer ) about 3.5 hrs.