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  1. At some point in the future this technology will be utilized on many cars. Expect the glass to be adjustable by the dealer via computer program to set sate legal VLT. It wasn't many years ago that cars didn't have high performance glass as OEM. its standard even on base model cars due to CAFE standards.
  2. I have a few vehicles.... 11 to be exact and 2 of them are Harleys. One is a Porsche 911 that I bought used. My wife has a Porsche we bought new. I looked for a long time to find the right used 911. Saw plenty of them with PPF and I personally would not buy one with it on the car. Told many dealers that as well. The new Porsche has no PPF on it chips either. To your question would I think someone who paid money for it would take better care of the car,,,,,NO, I think someone who had it may have thought they could drive it like they stole it.
  3. It really depends on numerous things. Art you a 1099 or employee looking for a paycheck based on what you do every day ? Do you have your own insurance and uipmnt ? Do you supply your own transportation and pay those costs ? What are you able to install per day ( on average ) ? Are you responsible for the cost of and wasted material ? ( piece gets creased etc ) Do you warranty your labor for any period of time and what about retainage ? ...can you pass a pee test ?
  4. We printed and installed this graphic in the shop break room today.
  5. Clearly we have a triggered Puertarican in the group.
  6. So to put this in crystal clear perspective, If Joe customer wants to spend 3K. And put PPF on his car because he doesn't want to see a stone chip in his bumper.. and that's the main objective....and the there is no thought that in the future it will pay a dividend of some sort.. than have at it.
  7. I actually had to look up this Boomer thing...It all makes sense now.
  8. Yep...Somebody's got their panties up in a wad.
  9. ....What's. Racist about that pic ? ...pretty relevant to what I posted..apparently you are triggered.
  10. Car owners want to personalize them... Just like Harley owners...If a car owner wants to put 3K worth of ppt on their car because they don't want to see a chip..well thats their prerogative. It will most likely do that. But rest assured.. at trade time that 3K is not coming back. in all reality they will probably see a 1000, to 1500 hit behind what it would bring without it.