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  1. So I'm not a auto tint guy anymore..Havnt been for 12-15 years. But I couldn't let a friend of mine go somewhere else.
  2. Tint World Franchises burn through employees like firecrackers on the 4th of July. Corporate has a handbook the franchise owners live by. It tells the what to pay, when to pay and how to pay for virtually every aspect of the shop. .. It's all geared to make the store profitable. That in of its of is a good thing.. but it's hard or impossible for a quality installer to garner their true market value from the box store
  3. We are Super dealers.for flat glass. I have HO on our Sprinter was hard enough for me with 35 years + hanging film to do those. The film is rigid and not that easy to manipulate. ...And it took my door windows about a month to dry as I did them mid winter.
  4. everyone in China that has over it...the rest of them..not so much
  5. its well known that you can't rely on any information released by China or Russia. They are notorious protectionists of national information......perticulary when it involves a potential national weakness. The stock market in China took a giant hit and is still in the red from its lives in Jan.
  6. We have a couple more weeks of burning season up here. ... so my free time will be spent cleaning up our property.
  7. Very cool , kids must love it.
  8. This is exactly why lockdowns are being implemented. We simply do not have the equipment that. Would be needed if everyone who is going to contract this virus were to show up art the same time..many of them will need respirators /. Ventilators. ..that simply do not exist in th market at any price today..the last 2-3 weeks has been a full court press to get them in production and in service ASAP... ASAP.. The "social distancing " is simply to temper the wave that is coming. ....and it is most definitely coming. Numbers are jumping 20-50% per day in some areas. the's daunting.
  9. No, I think a lock down will reduce the number of people who need the hospital because they ARE sick. The generally accepted multiple is 3. Meaning that if you are will infect 3 others per day. Then those 3 people will infect 3 people each per day and on and on.. the numbers multiple at an astounding rate just from one infected person. Given that this virus can live on multiple surfaces for days.. the less people are out and about, the fewer opportunities exist for 2nd hand transmission.
  10. What they are trying to do is stagger the numbers of people who are flooding the hospitals and need ventilators. .. if they all show up at once..more die.. if they roll in little by little over the next 12 weeks..less die. All the while the medical world is orking hard to find a medicine or treatment that can be rolled out asap.
  11. In one sentence you claim that confinement won't help slow the spread, in the next you say the virus lives for days and people will just touch it and it's going to spread anyway....Well..if they are confined...they are not touching that drive through bag are they...
  12. All non essential stores and businesses are closes as of noon tomorrow in Mass. it will be the same in your states soon, as this virus grows across the country. The reason they shut down parks and boat ramps etc.. is that th "boater" will in fact come into contact with numerous people directly or indirectly as his fun boat ride develops. ..The gas station, the girl at the checkout counter in the store where they bought snacks and beer. ..those people in turn, if infected bring it home to others and the snowball grows. ..Look... there is absolutely no way in hell that this POTIS and every other public official would be putting the country through this just for kicks... this is a very very real and serious situation... the possibility of 100s of thousands..or 1m + people dying is very very real. .. people you know, your grandmother your grandfather, your mother your father, your siblings... etc... Just because you personally feel fine and think you are 10' tall and bulletproof....does not mean you can't infect others ..
  13. If someone writes on it with a sharpie, and it gets direct sun ( heat ) exposure.. it’s not a good thing. Expo markers are always the preferred writing tool. And that type of marker can stay on it for months and months with no shadowing
  14. Send me your address and I’ll get a sample out to you.
  15. Dry erase film on a painted wall