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  1. You should just get samples of each and form your own decisions.
  2. It shows up under most all conditions.
  3. You are splitting hairs with the VLR#s... it's more about the reflected color and distortion...or lack of it
  4. ...My choice would be Global...I wouldn't even bother with the others.
  5. We have installed DR15 from Lulu, NV15 from MMM, Opti15 from Avery...and DR15 from Global..... Lulu has a funky silvery look at night looking out, MMM looks like a oil slick looking out at night, Averys is better than both of those. ...But Globals may be the nicest neutral looking DR on the market.
  6. There is another company resurrecting this idea today...we got a plan to bid that it was specd into.... we passed.
  7. You need to remember...all these new film brands are not mfrs. They are simply reboxers, they just meet a MOQ order with one of 2 or 3 actual mfrs or converters and away they go. A few of the other offbrand reboxers buy from a importer who supplies them with material that is made in Korea. .. then rebox it. .. In a nut shell, ..if you have as little as 20k to invest... you can pretty easily set up your own line of film. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying to you or has no idea what they are talking about.
  8. turned purple and bubbled off the window.
  9. I have a video of what we did over the weekend. Just can't post it. It was a bit over 3k sf of frost. Several hundred pieces in all. Got a call back today to go look at "a problem" with one of them ... one... got there and in the bottom left corner..the left side vertical cut is off about 1/32" at the bottom 1/2"..... I almost snapped...but instead I said fine..I'll replace it tomorrow.... I could literally squeeze a 1" tall 1/3" wide bead of black caulk and call it a day... friggin people...
  10. Focus your efforts on building your commercial base...Homeowners are a giant time sucking, needy , aggravating pile of grief. They are typically a one ride pony that you never see again. Your commercial customers will call you on a monthly, weekly even daily basis to do work... work that IS going to happen...not a homeowner that wants to "think" about tinting 4 windows after getting 5 bids.... Homeowners suck period. We rarely do onsite measurements for them today, We have them email of txt us pictures..we then give them a general idea as to what it will cost. ..If they don't choke on the price, we schedule a install time and date..bring 2 or 3 options for film and they pick one while we are there. ...1 trip, little to no wasted time. ..and move on.
  11. Once again, 3M fabricates their own way of measuring capabilities to skew results in favor of their branded product. ...3Ms moto..if you can't beat them...cheat.....similar to the democrats today.
  12. I don't know your location or demographics...But by and large ..poor people don't tint their house windows. So if you are going door to door in the typical suburban development... your success ratio will likely be very low. Now the counter to that is if you go door to door in high rent are likely to get the boys in blue asking you to leave or be charged with trespassing. If you really want to focus your efforts on resi.... ( which I wouldn't do ) ... look for the nicest areas in your territory, find out if they have a local group FB page or. local monthly news flyer. Maybe look for a local chamber of commerce meeting or a local business to business focus group ( these groups usually meet weekly at designated places and times )
  13. TomTint