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  1. FlexFilm has been very good to us. We’ve had some adhesive failures, but nothing more than any other film manufacturer, and in the beginning we had a little tough time getting used to it. But the Gen 5 stuff is rock solid. We offer all 4 film types FlexFilm sells and it has been a game changer. Ralph has always been available to me when I needed him and he has always stepped up to help me. Before FlexFilm I was struggling to distance my shop from every other shop in town. Now thanks to FlexFilm, we have e established ourselves as a premium shop with premium films, at premium prices. Thanks Ralph, you rock!
  2. Yep, redo if it came from my shop and the tinter would go on notice he’s flirting with termination. We don’t turn out sh*t like that.
  3. Since the pandemic I can’t find isopropyl anywhere for a decent price. Where are you guys getting it? Before Covid19 I paid 99¢ a quart, now it’s like $3-5 a quart TIA
  4. Question... Will using a small amount of X100 (like just the neck of a spray bottle X100 and the rest water) be ok to use on the back glass to get it to stick better in winter weather? We used it last winter and are now getting cars back for redos on the rear windows. Thanks in advance Dan Carmeltint.com
  5. I have a customer that wants to match her window tint on a new piece of glass. Not a Llumar dealer, but need 5 to 20' of ATC 20%. Anyone help me out? Email: tint4u@gmail.com
  6. I have a 1979 Corvette coming in tomorrow. Since it’s so old and I’ve never done one, is there anything to look out for? TIY
  7. 2018 BMW M3 with 50% NanoCeramic Window Tinting Added, proving once again that darker is not always better!
  8. We have a very successful established auto tinting business we are considering selling so we can retire. Currently we are open 5 days a week, do some PPF installs but do not do Flat Glass with one employee. There is much upside potential for this business and a good reputation along with a complete website keeps the clientele coming in. If you are interested, contact me at tint4u@gmail.com Serious inquiries only please. Carmeltint.com
  9. Stopped using Llumar in the 90s because of their Adhesive. Now we get a lot of cars that need tint removed and when we get a Llumar tint job in it is nearly impossible to get the glue off the rear window. So, what have you found works the best?
  10. Here is what I use. Made them myself
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