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  1. They’d be ripping it off my vehicle and redoing it. I’m not a tinter but I wouldn’t accept that on any of my vehicles.
  2. I’m not a tinter but you answered your own question. Your work space is a mess and you are searching for tools. Get an organizer and clean up your mess.
  3. 2017 ram 1500 cc. 5 percent over all side windows and 15 percent on complete front windshield. Wouldn’t have it any other way. No need for sunglasses and no glare at night from high beams.
  4. I got the windows tinted on my wife’s brand new Cherokee about 3 months ago and I’ve never noticed this on my truck but on every window on her it looks like this. Is this normal?
  5. If that was my car he would be replacing the windows and giving my money back so I could get it tinted somewhere else
  6. Sorry about that on a mobile phone and I’ll admit I was wrong by quoting you saying that.
  7. Well they didn’t specify a tint percentage so I they can’t enforce a tint percentage. Also no there is no specifications for only driving in day light.
  8. You stated even with an exemption I couldn’t tint my whole windshield. You are wrong.
  9. He still brought up the medical exemption and still couldn’t comprehend the law. He stated it was illegal no matter if I had an exemption or not.
  10. So by you mentioning the exemption then how does it help your case? You stated even with an exemption no tint in windshield except for a strip is allowed. So which is it Mr. sunbreaker? Is it or isn’t it allowed with an exemption. And in my second post I stated I am responsible to go by the law that pertains to me.
  11. Read this you genius. It specifically states windshield!!!! So who is guessing and using nonsense now???
  12. It says except with a certificate. The next phrase saying a strip is for people without the exemption.
  13. Lol I live in Florida. I’m responsible enough to know the law that pertains to me and if Florida will allow me to have 5 percent on my windshield then I will have it.