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  1. I'm staring at my jug of it now. Great stuff.
  2. I second the tundra back window being cake. The bottom seal pulls right out.
  3. As title states. I've done it tons of different ways on my vehicles- it's easy for us to change it up to try new things. What is your favorite variation, and why?
  4. Happened to me at work twice now, thought I should give the warning. First time I thought it was a fluke, second time I noticed a pattern. When you squeeze out the back window, the water will run PERFECTLY down the drivers side, down the inner quarter and funnel over a wiring harness that's part of the blindspot monitoring system, triggering a fault on the dash and saying see the dealer. Thankfully I work for a Honda dealership, so no biggie. If in the event this happens to you- pop the trunk, pull back the trunk liner on the left hand side by removing the cargo hook tucked in the corner (pressure clipped in) and peel it back. The harness is right there when you pull it back, you can't miss it. Unplug both harnesses and take compressed air and blow all the water out and you're back in business. Won't throw a hard code, no need to go to the dealer if it happens. Figured I'd save everyone the panic attack.
  5. Lol. Regal is screwing you.
  6. Bro, take it to the dealer. its under warranty.
  7. Don't have to unscrew anything. I tint Honda's all day, every day. CRV's are my favorite. Front doors peel back from the top easily, pull the sweep. Rear doors pull the sail panel off the corner, pull back on top of door, sweep comes right out.
  8. The guy who taught me to tint said if he ever caught me using a side swiper on roll ups he'd never speak to me again. Our boss did it when he tinted on occasion and it drove him insane.
  9. all VW's and Audi's. Select BMW's and Benz's aren't bad at all, so I can't say everything German.
  10. 863JOE

    2017 civic hatchback

    I work at a Honda dealership, it's just easier to pull it. Once you've done one its cake from there.
  11. Thank you for all of the insight guys. SolarFX/ dragon distributing reached out to me and I'm waiting for a call from my area rep.
  12. What I'm after is a cost effective, strong or lifetime warranty film that I can purchase online without having an account with someone. I wouldn't be against it, but I dont have a business license, or actual business. I work in a car dealership that uses Llumar, but I don't want to call them and order it because even though I'm not trying to take customers away from the dealership and never would, I don't want my boss catching wind of it, thinking I am, and canning me. I have friends and family outside of work that I won't let pay our outrageous pricing (dealership), so thats why I'm reaching out for some help/recommendations. I just bought a vehicle I'm going to flip, and I ordered a pre-cut kit from Lexen to try their film out. Their pricing on rolls is awesome, and they claim a 3yr warranty, but in this Florida heat I don't see that happening with a dyed film. However, it did install nicely, liner peeled well, and shrank well. Color isn't the greatest, but to an untrained eye they'd be none the wiser. So, what can you guys recommend to me? Thanks