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  1. Definitely major difference in performance, cost, and especially in the shrink. QDP is 1.5 mil vs QDPC being 2 mil. Takes extra time, patience and skill to shrink
  2. I don't do too many of the Taurus model but I think I did one in the last year. No issues with that one or any other Ford so far
  3. I remember I used a sample roll of a cheap film a company sent me (I won't name names) and a customer came in wanting the cheapest job that I could give them. I said hey, I can use this sample roll (no warranty) for X amount. I used it and it has somewhat of what you are describing. They did disappear a few weeks later as the tint dried as I followed up with the customer and asked.
  4. I have not yet found a windshield protection film worth installing. Hopefully find something at SEMA
  5. I do these pretty often but from what I can remember I don't think there is really anything special or difficult with them
  6. What you ordered will greatly alter the look and appearance from the outside.
  7. Express is the distributor for certain areas. You can use their brand window film or order Global from them from the specific website. Call or email them and tell them you want to be a Global Window Films Dealer and they will send you a packet. It does matter which website you order from and location matters as well. You can also call in order or email them. Web orders over $500 get free shipping so it would be best to email or order from the website.
  8. We have this issue too sometimes. Going to try that. TOTW!
  9. If they are super super easy (with borders) sometimes I don't charge extra because they take minutes and the tint can be taken from scraps. I have only been adding $10, sometimes $20 to the job. I try not to mention it to the customer anymore because I feel like most customers because they think I'm crazy for counting it as a window and charging more.
  10. I use Global too and recommend it. It comes with a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty which means you can take it to any authorized dealer of the film
  11. Yup! When I used to work out of my garage or first opened the shop I was a hot mess always looking for stuff. You need to reduce your steps. I wasted so much time. Get a tool belt for starters. We also use a mobile tray or cart. Coming up with a process that is good for you takes time, trial and error. I'm not going to list every step I do but I always start off cleaning the exterior of the car and then deep cleaning the interior. That's just so I'm doing all those things in one swoop. Then develop your own process. Good luck
  12. Some may disagree or hate Yelp but Yelp brings in most of our new customers. We used to not pay for advertising on yelp but when we started paying for ads our phone would ring off the hook and our inboxes full. Google is a great source as well.