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  1. After a year plus do you still use squareup?
  2. Also interested in some of this info as well..... recommendations of suppliers as well. I use global currently for auto, should I just use their residential and commercial films as well or look elsewhere?? Thanks
  3. Is all new Lexus nx models or just the hybrids?. i did a nx300h the other day and scratched tf out of lady’s door and now I have to replace it. 🤦‍♂️.... (just one side cus other side did not scratch with blade) but I did a friends nx300 (not hybrid model) and it did not scratch anything.
  4. So global it is then!! i have been seeing lots of stuff on here about express being the distributor for global? And I know a couple years ago when I worked for a company that used global that they ordered though expresswindowfilms(I think)...... when I go to expresswindowfilm website it seems as if they only sell...(drumrolllllllllllllll) express, along with express marketing materials such as brochures T-shirts posters those kind of things. but when I go to filmnow.com it seems to be the global website... and they sell all the same things as express website just with the global logo.. and like literally the exact same things, even the website layout is the same question being: is this the same film? Does it matter which website I order it from? Does location matter as far as distribution (in in nky just outside Cincinnati) and then why are they different? Thanks all who have answered, and I am sure these questions have been posted before (as I still search older posts) but I appreciate all help/feedback
  5. Hello all!! So I plan on opening my 1st tint shop here fairly soon, hopefully by late February early March!! i have been working in high volume tint shops for 7+ years now and have decided to start on my own path and open my own shop. the question I have is which film to use. I have mostly used global, which I liked a lot and is probably going to be the one I go with. But I also liked maxpro, solarguard and llumar (which I don’t think I will be allowed to use b/c shop in area uses). What at do you think? Should I stick with global or should I try something new that I haven’t used before like xpel or 3m? Or something else? Thanks
  6. Yo can I get that vector art!! I am def putting that on a shirt
  7. So if you have the "Perfect Pattern", which most of the ones I have made are pretty dead on, then it makes for very quick cutting (arguably faster and certainly more accurate than plotters). All you have to do is pull your 2 pieces (one for passenger side rear and driver side rear) put them together (opposite of each other because you are double cutting) and take it over to the vehicle and cut JUST the top edge (the only edge that is seen and needs to be a perfect cut). Then I take it back to my cutting table, line up the top edge of the pattern on the piece I just cut, take a strait edge to each side and bottom round corners and there is your pattern. I have timed myself cutting every window and can usually have everything cut in ~6-8 min (assuming it is a simple car like most 4 doors) stuck on peel boards ready to go (including rear which I just free hand). I have used a plotter before and I agree that it is fast, but it comes with issues like top edges not fitting perfectly, a little bit of static or one bad cut and then you have wasted 36" of film, and the dreaded weeding time.... I don't have any of these problems especially the wasting film, which you can be very attentive to using patters.
  8. We use old paper towel cores and roll them up including shield strip patterns. We use old 40" film boxes and mark them as honda/dodge/lexus etc.... Will follow up with a pics later Yea they are the clear liners that I pull off on the 1st vehicle I do, for example..... The new 18 Camrys/whenever there is a new body style we have to "make the patters" which means hand cut. Save the liners off everything tinted (4doors, qtrs., rear window, shield strips, sunroofs) and use next time that car comes in. I always keep the 4 doors but I usually only use the driver side templates because I hand cut the passenger side, make necessary adjustments to the driver side and then use that one in the future. I also keep at least 2-3 versions of the rear window, just in case you need to "sweat off" a rear window. The template works perfect! possibly better than a garbage bag!!!
  9. Keep one set of templates for EVERY vehicle.. im talking all 4 doors each qtr and rear glass.... mark each one, ie front driver, 36x18, panels 2 screws easy,..... store until needed next time that car comes in.... I have patterns for every car/truck I have done since since '85-'90.... makes window tinting life sooo much easier
  10. Wow that's pretty bad.... Had one like that a coupe months ago... Thankfully dude was waiting on it!!!! When I took the middle baby car seat out there was fresh puke everywhere, so disgusting. When I handed him a couple old towels to clean it up he said "Oh yea I forgot to tell you my kid threw up in there earlier" I guess he thought that we would handle it or something Had another older car the other week that was infested with spiders probably 20-30 little spiders crawling around everywhere. Needless to say I did not pull it in
  11. DO NOT open a shop until you can hand cut comfortably, then get a plotter to make it easier I would think that someone would need more than one year window tinting before considering themselves experts enough to open a shop
  12. ok cool cus I can feel it but it doesn't really seem that noticeable though.. and only a little tinny bit of one line is missing (not all the way through)
  13. Yo is there any way to check to see if the defroster lines are working?? Since it is 90 degrees outside and 75 in the shop, is there any tricks or anything to check them Can you feel the heat or warmth of them on your hand/finger if they are on?
  14. I don't even shrink sides if I am bottom loading without seals in the way Unless the time it takes to shrink sides is LESS than the time it takes to fight fingers like on the accords, cavaliers, there are only a few out there that actually need to be shrunk and it takes literally 30 seconds to shrink sides anyway