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  1. Thats a nice Ranger. Never seen one before
  2. Dont over think it. I would just worry about 1 window at a time. If i messed up before install go ahead and put it on. That way You could learn. You will get better if you keep trying.
  3. Cant see it on my phone. Put a white piece of paper behind it for a better picture.
  4. Whats up everybody. I have a friend that needs me to tint his new truck. He also bought some new speakers for the doors and I told him i would install them for him while Im there. Where do you guys go for install items like speaker adapters, wire and connectors. Thanks and stay safe.
  5. Ive got a 2018 civic sedan to tint. Anything to watch out for on the back glass. Looked at it real quick. It looks pretty close to the carpet
  6. Im going to call them tomorrow. I always wanted to try there film. They have a 25 foot roll for 50 bucks. I think that would be enough.
  7. Ok thats good advice. Is there someplace to get 20 feet or do i have buy a full roll. I was worried about different kinds of film. Auto vs residential.
  8. Don't do it because of the film. Its a flat skylight. Or don't do it for other reasons.
  9. Hi guys. A friend wants me to do a skylight. I want to do it with 35% automotive tint. That way I don't need to buy another roll for just one skylight, also the kitchen window above the sink. Any thoughts on this matter. Thanks in advance.
  10. Practice all you can. Watch videos over and over again. I bought a 50 ft roll then 100 and 2 more after that. I slso try it differant ways top load bottom load remove door panel leave them on. Ive tinted my car to many times to count. Every time it looks better. Still cant get a perfect BG. Although it is getting better. And buy tools that you need. Good luck
  11. Thank you im going to try it out. Its my car so I wont complain if I mess it up.
  12. Having trouble laying down the BG on a challenger with the dot matrix also around the rear quarters. Getting that line in between Is it normal to wet sand with 320 to relax the edge to get it to lay down. Thanks for the help.
  13. The cut lines could be more even or-they coulld shave them close. Usually i drive with them all the way up or all the way down so it dosent bother me. It looks normal to me. I always show people what it going to look like on the top. Couldnt see the bubble in the pic. You can stop by and ask em about it might slide right out.
  14. Are you not liking the top cut. Is there flaws other than the 1/8 inch line on top.
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