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65%?! After a rainy day on clear windows they wouldn't get that much light through because of road grime and such.

And don't they have anything better to do? I bet 3 people trafficing dr*gs drove past him while he was giving her crap about her window film, and 5 houses were robbed.

And when did cops start making the laws?

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Guest thetintshop

I read the law and the article. according to what the law says, the cops are wrong, the tinters are right. (as usual)

how hard is it for the idiots to read a meter? we had to change our laws here so the cops could understand how to read the meters.

I got pulled over a few years ago and got into an arguement with a DPS trooper over the law. he said I was illegal (because his meter said 26%), and I told him I wasn't (the film was 35%). back then, our law was 35% FILM. I confused him so much, he tore up the ticket and wrote me a warning. :thumb

we had to change our law to 25% NET so the frickin cops could figure it out.

so now guess what? now the cops know how to read the meters, and we have dumazz tinters installing 25%-30% film. :lol6 I guess the tinters are as stupid as the cops are.

I mean come on people, it doesn't take a doctorate in physics to know how to read one these things.

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We have a problem around here with cops giving tickets to people with 50%,the meters read around 42% sometimes lower.Would it be the meter or window was dirty and because of that the reading would be wrong?Of course..but no one remembers that when getting pulled over.Even with clean windows and the meter..it reads under 50% you still get a ticket but wouldn't it be the manufacturers fault? You put on the legal film but someone still gets a ticket because it now is a few pionts under the legal limit..why should we have to deal with this crap :thumb .I have a meter and I let people know what there percentage is after the tint is installed,and after a 50% install they know there tint is illegal because it reads under 50% so who is to blame when they get a ticket? :lol6

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"So we're reading at 29 percent (of light getting through)," Falsis says as he holds a light meter to her window. "In the RCW (state law), it says the very minimum is 24 percent. So we're well above that."

When Falsis says the law allows 24 percent, he means at least a quarter of the light must get through the window.

The tinter is TOTALLY right!

But the State Patrol has a drastically different interpretation. Troopers say you must let at least 65 percent of the light through.

The troopers are TOTALLY wrong!

Troopers started cracking down two weeks ago, and have written well over a hundred tickets.

Troopers are still cracking down here in Washington. But the ones here in Spokane seem to be getting it right somewhat. They are most always only enforcing the law for the 2 front doors. And they have been going one step further by allowing down to a 21% to account for a 3% margin of error that might occur with their meters. :thumb

There is no doubt that the majority of cops don't know the law worth a crap.

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Guest tint rookie

does anyone here own a light meter?

just out of curiosity, do they have to be calibrated?

how often?

im sure pigs just have em bouncing around in their trunks or side compartments on motorcycles. im sure that ensures they stay accurate...(smell the sarcasm?)

I ask only because ive had a few tickets thrown out because calibration paperwork was out of date on the radar equipment. maybe I was doing 95 in a 70..but thats not the point. if the equipment that proves it is not certified to be accurate... :thumb the lense coulda been cockeyed and he was gunning someone on the other side of the freeway.

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Guest tint rookie

like the follow up link as well....

basically we need a lil time to cover our arses, but until we figure out how to make us look like we were right all along, all the tickets still stand. sooooo, all the people who may or have not been right all along, were taking no stand at this point, who have real jobs and not the time to fight the injustice, pay up!!! because youre probably the same people who dont file for rebates either, thank you for the donation towards the equipment we dont know how to use and the hooked on phonics tapes for the troopers....

HIGHWAY ROBBERY I TELL YA !!! :lol6:thumb:lol2

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