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  1. I only thing I hate more then a windshield strip is a customer asking will you throw in an eyebrow (NO)
  2. Very nice looks like alot of overhead though.
  3. I quit doing dealers 10 years ago I do not miss it all.
  4. Other than a handful of Trucks and Suv's I shrink everything I would rather deal with fingers on the outside than the inside.
  5. Where can I find more information on this lawsuit I am having the same problem with solar guard at this time.
  6. I prefer bagging on back windows if there is no sun I use my trusty heat lamp I have had a couple headliners come loose with a steamer.
  7. I guess I'm not the one to ask I have been through 3 Tinters in the three and a half years since my wife quit I guess being on time and being at work every day is too much to ask.
  9. Merry Christmas Ric and all my fellow Tinters.
  10. At 55 and 33 years of tinting everything pisses me off lol the more you aggravate me the more I charge you.