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another dot matrix solution

Guest EAglassman

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Guest EAglassman

As I am also in the glass buisness, I hve found a good remedy for dot matrix. It is glass frit primer. It is used to make frit bands on windshields that do not have one. What I do is mask the matrix and paint it with the frit primer first thing. By the time I get to the rear window it is dry and can be tinted over. As it is made to bond to glass, it makes a durable fix. :thumb

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Guest tintgod
is it clear :thumb


no..it is a black primer..and I have seen the stuff and thought about using it..but I sure about the chemicals in it..and if it is safe for the film...if the film does touch it..

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well isnt it just like painting over the dot matrix?

that's the way we use to do it, after tinting it, put it in the sun a few minutes, cover the whole back part of the interior, and paint away, but then we discovered vinyl, which is way more less complicated and faster! :thumb

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It's urethane primer, comes in clear or black... long term inhalation can cause respitory problems, even lead to cancer if you are genetically prone to developing it.

Drip that stuff on someone's upholstery and you buy them something new...

Saw a shop on Victoria Island several years ago using the stuff and looked into it then... shot it down as a solution due to health risks and potential damage from drips. :lol6

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I have a friend that did this too his 96 Cavalier...I tinted it for him , but didn't like the looks of the dots (I didn't have a cure all for it then :lol6 ) Anyways, he painted himself and he still has the car today...the film is faded , but the dots look like the day he bought it.

So the long -term IMO is it's a great solution, however as Metint mentioned..part of my job isn't going to include being on a respirator in 10 yrs from doing it , nor turning in the last few profits of previous cars buying them a new interior if I have a painting accident.

Good tip if customer wants to do it at his own risk of interior and health . (he still pay for full tint job though :lol )

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Guest thetintshop

this will work, and the film sticks to it fine. and ditto to whatever body else said.

(the stuff DOES NOT come off of anything.........ever)

but one thing you guys failed to mention....you know a can of good primer costs? not to mention the extremely short shelf life. this would definately be something you would have to charge extra for. ALOT EXTRA. :lol6

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