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Halogen downlights causing problems

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A very interesting caution from Bekaert worth sharing.

A recent security film install (175 micron) with halogen downlights about a foot away from the glass caused a cloudiness in the film where the downlight beam hit the film. :rock

The technical people at Bek put it down to accelerated evaporation of the slip solution water leaving detergent behind due to the heat generated from the lights.

The problem was fixed by tinting a new bit of film with just water only and leaving the lights off for 4 days.



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Well now it's my turn to see how Madico's 4 ply clear will hold up in a similar situation.

This window is in a Chinese retaurant and was imported directly from China and is worth about 8k. :cool

It was hand sandblasted and depicts the 8 gods of whatever????

They needed film as the glass being tempered had shown a risk of spontaneously exploding in the past. They have 4 of these such works of art.

Probably the most expensive bit of glass I've ever tinted. 84" X 105"



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