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i want to see your TINT ROOM


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I had a guy come in, asked for a price, he had some stuff put on in 91, its horrible full of bubbles :lol so I gave him a price, afteri gave him a price, he asked me what company we used, are taking out the windows, can I see your tint room?

WTF dude, chill out,

we are known from the past years of taking out windows and laying down the tint inside a "lint" free facility or room, over the years that has gone , well gone! but I did not want to say that to the guy and let him down, so I showed him, the whole shop from left to right, I said there it is sir, our tint room!


iwe still have our "TINT ROOM" but do I really neeed to show some stranger? potention customer? he was trying to make a big deal out of it, he still made an appointment to get it done, since he was referred. :lol

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