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35% metered 28%

Guest Old Dude

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Guest Old Dude

Had a cust. today got pulled over for 15% on his front 2 of a Blazer. Brought it to me for R&R I put JWF RG 35% on. He then took it to the State Patrol office to check it, came back and said it metered 28%. I said :bingo Maybe moisture? This film is actually rated 38%. How is this?

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is using a meter the only way to go? state law restricts anything darker than 30% but is "vague" about the TINT vlt or the net. I guess the safe way is the net?

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Guest zolar

I had the same problemo with JWF SP 35 =29% & mid twentys net

Now I meter everything, and use the SP 40 on most

The 40 is nice looking film :lol6

meters are a necessary investment in Ga.


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Guest Sprinter

I have to pull my meter out everynow and then for customers who want me to match what they have on the other side, or to prove to them that there already !llegal :lol6

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the factory glass alone meters about 75%......that's the difference.


of course + 35% don't mean 35 VLT - it can be somethhing around, look carefully at technical dates....

and there is writen that this dates is got when film was installed on......glass....

So, GRAPHITE35, for example

1. Don't mean VLT35% exact

2. 100% are not VLT35% on car glass...

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