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'06 Impala SS

Guest zolar

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I had a new one today. The '06 Chevy Impala SS.

It was a big pain in the arse!

It has the fine matrix like the Malibus did.

The 3 fixed headrests make you climb in the deep, fuzzy back deck

It has rubber/silicone gaskets that placed way inside of the edge.

I can see me pulling panels, and gaskets on the next one.

Price 'em at about $900, and you should be O.K.

Anyone got some tricks on this one?

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The carpet is high, right on the glass, but you can still get a side swiper or black & white in there.

The gaskets need to come out, I am pulling the next ones.

The chevy dealership sent me up to 2 Impalas a week last year

I hope this dosen't get to be a popular ride to tint.


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and the little round snap connector is still on the back glass

and now there is one in the visor too, with another fine matrix in front.

This car dosen't want to be tinted.

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I did a few I did manage to remove the gasket around the door like nothing,

its a new car you just have to get used to knowing where everything is.....

I tried doing the windows without removing the door panels and well, I dont recommend

it just remove them :zzz

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Oh yeah, the trim beside the roll-ups is plastic

It is covered with a thin film

It will melt before the film gets hot enough

to push out any fine creases the gaskets create.

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